Interview | May 7, 2018 | Experimental Film

Interview | December 2016 (published May 16, 2018) | Gekko Mediaprodukktioner



A 7 minute experimental video that combines photo, video and sound from from personal archives. The sound is taken from an interview I did in May 2018 with a high school student at the St. Croix Education Complex during her art class. It combines photos and videos to create a call and response with subtexts and layers of personal and political narratives.


This 10 minute documentary was commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Culture to educate school children about the colonial history and relationship with the Virgin Islands by doing documentary profiles of Virgin Islanders today. La Vaughn Belle was one of the four people selected for this series. 

Interview | March 8, 2018 | David Christian on "It's Your Perspective" talk show


In this hour long interview Belle discusses her background and studies in Cuba, projects such as "Se Permuta", "The House That Freedom Built" and "I Am Queen Mary".

Artist Talk | December 8, 2017 | La Vaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers at Prizm Art Fair


As a part of the panel series at Prizm Art Fair 2017  LaVaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers present their project "I Am Queen Mary", a collaborative public art project that creates a monument in the city of Copenhagen that challenges the narratives around the Danish colonial history.  In this hour long presentation they discuss the impetus behind the projects, the themes and challenges and engage with the audience in a question and answer dialogue. 

Artist Talk | May 11, 2017 | La Vaughn Belle at National Historic Site

Interview | 2016 | La Vaughn Belle at her studio in St. Croix


In this 20 minute artist talk Belle presents the background for her painting series "Chaney: we live in the fragments" and the collaborative exhibition she produced with Gitte Westergaard on colonial era pottery in Virgin Islands at the Christiansted Fort.


This 3 part mini-series for Danish National Television entitled “Kald Mig Brun/ Call Me Brown” explores the identities of people of color in Denmark and the legacies of colonialism. Belle makes an appearance in episode 1 at 27.49 in St. Croix in her studio with the host Anna Neye.