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SOLO EXHIBITION: "Ledgers From a Lost Kingdom"

Solo exhibition at |meter| in Copenhagen, Denmark. Curated by Rie Hovmann Rasmussen and Louise Lassen Iversen. The opening is on March 10th from 5-8pm with an afterparty at after party at Sorte Firkant, Blågaardsgade 29 in Norrebro. For more info see here.

The relationship with the US Virgin Islands and its former colonizer, Denmark, has often been characterized as an economic endeavor. One is which there exists an extensive archive of transactional information about the colonies through documents, images and objects. However,  since the sale of the Danish West Indies in 1917, most of this information was retrieved by Denmark and stored and archived far from the people of the now named US Virgin Islands. The upcoming centennial anniversary of this transfer marks a moment in which these archives are being digitized and made available for public consumption.  Yet, when records have been inaccessible to a community for so long, either through physical distance or language barriers, as Virgin Islanders do not speak Danish, there are other ways that collective memory has been formed. Inside the oral traditions, material culture and architecture alternative accounts and archives have been created that challenge some of the silences inherent in a colonial archive. Belle uses her work as a way of adding to the record by creating alternative documents and narratives. She also uses the framework of a ledger to challenge the objective authority of the archive by adding her subjectivity while documenting the agency of the subjects of these records.  Similarly, she looks to the architecture of the Virgin Islands as a record of the ways in which people constructed and negotiated their identities and spaces of freedom.