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Jeannette Ehlers and La Vaughn Belle will reveal their much anticipated public sculpture I Am Queen Mary on March 31st. The event is organized in collaboration with SMK and ActionAid Denmark. It will take place on the harbor front and everyone is welcome. The ceremony will include invited speakers from Denmark and the Virgin Islands.

I Am Queen Mary emphasizes that Denmark’s colonial legacy is something we carry with us and will continue to problematize after the 2017 centennial of Denmark’s sale of the Virgin Islands to the United States when the Danish public experienced a previously unheard of cultural and political focus on an otherwise silenced historical narrative. 

The figure representing the rebel queen Mary Thomas is a hybrid of the two artists’ bodies created using 3D scanning technology. Mary Thomas emerged as the most popular leader or “Queen” of the 1878 ‘Fireburn’ uprising on St. Croix, the largest labor revolt in Danish colonial history. 

I Am Queen Mary is the first collaborative sculpture to memorialize Denmark’s colonial impact in the Caribbean and those who fought against it. 

I Am Queen Mary is realized with the generous support from Beckett-Fonden, The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, The Municipality of Copenhagen, Wow Factory, 3D Printhuset, ActionAid Denmark and Statens Museum for Kunst.
Visual: 3D Printhuset & Daviid Ranløv