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  • 2 Nyhavn København, 1051 Denmark (map)

Belle makes an appearance in this documentary film as it follows the journey of the co-creator of I AM QUEEN MARY, Jeannette Ehlers, and her friendship with the film director Maya Albana.

Film premiere: 7pm at Charlottenborg Kunsthal


As an adult Maya feels like an ordinary Dane, while Jeanette identifies as black. She feels a strong connection to her father’s African ancestors, who were shipped from Ghana to the Caribbean as slaves. All her artwork challenges structural racism, which she sees as pervasive in Danish mentality and society.

Maya begins to realise that there is a chapter in their shared history that she unknowingly has skipped. And that it is necessary for her to try to see things from Jeanette’s perspective in order to maintain their friendship.

The visual artist, Jeannette Ehlers, and the director, Maya Albana, became best friends when they were children. They both had Danish mothers and non-Danish fathers, from Trinidad and Malaysia respectively. This created a common bond between them in Odense in the 80s, where people of colour were a rare sight. Their friendship has lasted more than 30 years, but something between them has radically changed.